Directed by Philip J. Hickman

August 11 – September 4, 2016
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm


A distinguished politician’s youthful indiscretions come to light in An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde’s sophisticated satire. Sir Robert Chiltern’s political career and marriage are put to the test as the true nature of his virtue is revealed. His problem is compounded by his wife’s intolerance of the slightest character flaw. Wilde’s classic comedy features two of his best characters, the deliciously sly Mrs. Cheveley and the wonderfully witty Lord Goring.


  • Sir Robert Chiltern- Ross Shirley
  • Viscount Goring- Amari Ingram
  • The Earl of Caversham, K.G.- Troy Anthony Harris
  • Lady Chiltern- Sonda Staley
  • Mrs. Cheveley- Beth Josephsen
  • Miss Mabel Chiltern- Robyn Rae Stype
  • Lady Markby- Joyce Leahy
  • Mrs. Marchmont- Camille Bullock
  • Vicomte de Nanjac- AJ Copp
  • Mason- Ben Sostrom


  • Director- Philip J. Hickman
  • Directing Intern- Eliya Smith
  • SM- Ellie Allen
  • ASM#1- Abby Kaye
  • ASM#2- Emily Lynch
  • Costume Designer- Dayton Willison
  • Vocal Coach- Mandy Fox
  • Sound Board Operator- McLane Nagy
  • Light Board Operator- Keely Heyl
  • Props Mistress- Liz Langford
  • Set Designer- Andrew Weibel
  • Lighting Designer- Rob Philpott
  • Sound Designer- William Bragg
  • Sound Engineer- Catherine Rinella

Directing Intern Blog

Hello!  I am Eliya Smith, the directing intern for An Ideal Husband, the last show of the summer, directed by Philip Hickman. Back in March, they held auditions for their 2016 season, and I, along with the other directors, assistant directors, stage managers, and some...

Rehearsals Begin

Auditions for all four shows in the 35th season took place in March, but rehearsal for Ideal Husband didn’t begin until the end of June. This long break gave us time to finish cutting Oscar Wilde’s script and further flesh out other aspects of Philip’s vision. Mostly,...

Weather Permitting

Of all the elements of working with Actors’ Theatre that are completely unique to the company, the physical logistics of the rehearsal are some of the most unusual. We rehearse outdoors except in the case of extreme precipitation (only weaklings go inside when...

In the Thick of It

With a week and a half left until opening night, things are starting to kick into high gear. At this point, expectations for rehearsals are pretty consistent: we run the show stopping only when absolutely necessary, saving any corrections for the note...

Tech/Final Dress

People who have experience in creating theater are very fond of saying things along the lines of “tech week is the worst”, “tech week? You mean hell week!”, “I would rather abandon my family and live alone in a hole than sit through another minute of this tech...

Opening Weekend!

As I have spent every opening night of my life wracked with anxiety and borderline melodramatic panic, I certainly do not consider myself a stranger to pre-show nerves. But I approached An Ideal Husband’s opening night with uncharacteristic chillness because I felt I...
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