adapted by Matt Hermes and Bob Stein

Directed by Matt Hermes

May 26 – June 19, 2016
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm


When the formidable and revered war general Othello falls in love with the beautiful Desdemona he marries her, and welcomes the pleasures of a domestic life. Unknown to him, his trusted officer and friend, Iago, outraged for being passed over by Othello for a promotion, engineers an insidious campaign of lies and deceit to convince Othello that his new bride has been unfaithful to him. Othello becomes consumed with suspicions of Desdemona’s infidelity. Now he must wage war not only with an unseen enemy, but also his own tragic jealousy.


  • Othello- Christopher C. Austin III
  • Iago- Matthew Michael Moore
  • Desdemona- Lindsey Fisher
  • Cassio- David Tull
  • Roderigo- David Widder-Varhegyi
  • Emilia- Susan Wismar
  • Brabantio- Robert McDannold
  • Bianca- Treasure Davidson
  • Duke of Venice/Montano- David Ailing
  • Lodovico- Samuel Bowen Partridge
  • Gratiano- Tony Ludovico
  • Senator/1st V soldier- Gabe Simms
  • 1st C soldier/3rd V soldier- Eduardo Lozano
  • 2nd C soldier/1st Servant- Jacob Erney
  • 3rd C soldier/2nd Servant- Frank Gallo


  • Director- Matt Hermes
  • Assistant Director- Keely Heyl
  • SM- Adam Humphrey
  • ASM#1- Taeuk Kang
  • ASM#2- Grace Seiter
  • Costume Designer- Emily Jeu
  • Fight Choreographer- Brian Evans
  • Vocal Coach- Mandy Fox
  • Dramaturg- Bob Stein
  • Sound Board Operator- Fia Friend
  • Light Board Operator- Olivia Kimball
  • Props Mistress- Liz Langford
  • Set Designer- Andrew Weibel
  • Lighting Designer- Rob Philpott
  • Sound Designer- William Bragg
  • Sound Engineer- Catherine Rinella
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