Directed by Micah Logsdon

July 21 – August 7, 2016
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm


Appalachia and the Bard collide in a night of live music and theatre. Sometimes dark tragedy, sometimes uproarious comedy, The Winter’s Tale sets the story of one of Shakespeare’s more disparate and modern works, at the turn of the 19th & 20th century, between the coal mining country of Eastern Kentucky and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Inspired in part by the album Jean Ritchie & Doc Watson at Folk City and heavily flavored with traditional mountain and American folk music performed by the cast, the play will celebrate the culture and the music of Appalachia, a region with strong cultural, musical and linguistic ties to Shakespeare’s England, with a tragedy and joy that is uniquely and entertainingly American.


  • Leontes- Andy Falter
  • Polixines- David Widder-Varhegyi
  • The Shepherd & The Jailer- John Feather
  • Florizel & Various Lords- Robert Philpott
  • The Shepherd’s Son & Various Lords- Danny Turek
  • Autolycus & Antigonus- JT Walker
  • Camillio- Christina Yoho
  • Hermione & Time- Kathryn Miller
  • Paulina- Jennifer Feather Youngblood
  • Perdita & Various Lords and Ladies- Madelyn Loehr
  • Dorcas & Emilia- Dakota Thorn
  • Mopsa & Mamilius- Laura Crone
  • Balladeer One- R. Jordan Estose
  • Balladeer Two- Michelle Weiser
  • Balladeer Three- Hannah Russ


  • Director- Micah Logsdon
  • Assistant Director- David Harewood
  • SM- Alexa Raasch
  • ASM#1- Keely Heyl
  • ASM#2- Qynn Cook
  • Costume Designer- Julia Ferreri
  • Vocal/Musical Coach- Ross Shirley
  • Sound Board Operator- Rebeccca Sharrer
  • Light Board Operator- Fia Friend
  • Props Mistress- Liz Langford
  • Set Designer- Andrew Weibel
  • Lighting Designer- Rob Philpott
  • Sound Designer- William Bragg
  • Sound Engineer- Catherine Rinella
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