Directed by Philip J. Hickman

May 25 – June 18, 2017
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm


Julius Caesar is set in 2017, and is intended as a commentary on the current state of politics. The director is committed to a balanced cast, meaning that at least 50% of the cast will be women. Every effort will be made to have a cast that reflects the diversity of our community.


Brutus (F, 25-45), a former military officer, politician. Brutus embodies the highest classical virtues, and is torn between honor and justice.

Cassius (M/F, 20-40), a politician. Enraged by the new regime of Rome, a planner and organizer of radical change.

Mark Antony (M/F, 30-55), a military officer. A bit of a scoundrel, gifted in manipulating the political machine.

Julius Caesar (F, 40-70), a legend. A populist leader who has risen to power based on brute force and promises to the lower classes.

An additional 40 speaking roles will be divided among the ensembles:

Ensemble 1

Ensemble 2

Ensemble 3

Ensemble 4

Ensemble 5

Ensemble 6

Ensemble 7

Ensemble 8

All actors may be performing physical violence on stage.

Accommodations will be made for wheelchairs or other access needs.

Preference will be given to an ensemble member fluent in ASL.