Directed by David Harewood

August 10 – September 3, 2017
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm

Our version of The Tempest attacks the assumption of American exceptionalism. We live in an era where America’s supposed to be “great again,” but that greatness is based on subjugation of disadvantaged people and exploitation of national fears. Prospero’s blindness to his own sense of entitlement — over a state he abandoned and an island he exploited — is at the crux of the problems within the entire play. This production will involve incidental acoustic music and song.


Prospera-  Susan Wismar

Caliban-  Christopher Casanova Jones

Miranda-  Hannah Roth

Gonzala-  Wilma Hatton

Sebastian-  Casey Merkey

Antonia-  Kasey Meininger

Alonso-  Michael Neff

Ferdinand-  Tom Murdock

Stefano-  Tony Ludovico

Trincula-  Heather Gorby

Boatswain-  Cory Velazco

Ariel/Iris-  Christina Yoho

Ariel/Ceres-  Dakota Thorn

Ariel/Juno-  Shanelle Marie


Director-  David Harewood

SM-  Sara Bodde

ASM-  Carl Burgason

ASM-  Jennifer Burton

Costume Designer-  Rebekah Priebe

Sound Designer-  William Bragg

Lighting Designer-  Robert Philpott

Props Master-  Elizabeth Langford

Set Designer-  Andrew Weibel

Fight Choreographer-  Jason Speicher

Music Director- R. Jordan Estose

Soundboard Op-  Fia Friend

Lightboard Op-  Grace Seiter


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