Directed by David Harewood

August 10 – September 3, 2017
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm

Our version of The Tempest attacks the assumption of American exceptionalism. We live in an era where America’s supposed to be “great again,” but that greatness is based on subjugation of disadvantaged people and exploitation of national fears. Prospero’s blindness to his own sense of entitlement — over a state he abandoned and an island he exploited — is at the crux of the problems within the entire play. This production will involve incidental acoustic music and song.

Four actor/musicians will be used throughout. While the text of the play is Shakespeare’s, the music belongs to the play, drawn from sounds appropriated from areas extending from the Bermuda Triangle into the Middle Passage and those regions’ respective children, grandchildren, and great-great-great-grandchildren. Actors and actor/musicians with experience in simple woodwind, percussion, and plucked strings (guitar, banjo, ukulele, etc.) specifically sought. Interested actor/musicians are asked to prepare 16-32 bars of music that reflects protest in some way — at the musician’s discretion.

A truly ethnically diverse cast is needed for this production. Ages listed in each description are to be considered for playable age only.


Alonso (M, 50-60), King of Naples

Sebastian (M, 35-45), his brother

Ferdinand (M, 20-30), son to the King of Naples

Gonzalo (M/F, 50-70), an honest old councilor

Trincula (M/F, any age), a jester

Stephano (M, 35-45), a drunken butler

Prospero (M, 40-55), the right Duke of Milan

Antonio (M, 35-50ish), his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan

Miranda (F, 15-20), daughter to Prospero

Caliban (M, 20-30), a savage and deformed slave


Boatswain (M, any age), the crew chief of the Neapolitan ship

Iris (F, any age), part of Ariel, messenger goddess of the Rainbow

Ceres (F, any age), part of Ariel, goddess of the Earth

Juno (F, any age), part of Ariel, queen goddess and protector