Directed by Mandy Fox

June 21 – July 15, 2018
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm


Richard Brinsley Peake’s 1823 adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel tells the tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his reanimation of assembled cadaver parts into a monster, referred to as “the Demon”. Performed in the style of classic melodrama, including song, lovers, and spectacle, Peake’s stage adaptation was the only version Shelley attended, an event which she recounted in a letter to her father, stating, “I was much amused!”


ACTOR 1: Dr. Frankenstein (a scientist)

ACTOR 2: The Demon

ACTOR 3: Fritz (servant of Dr. Frankenstein, sings)

ACTOR 4: Madame Ninon (wife to Fritz, sings)

ACTOR 5: DeLacey (a banished gentleman-blind), Hammerpan (a tinker, sings), A Guide (an old man)

ACTOR 6: Clerval (his friend, in love with Elizabeth, sings), Felix DeLacey (Delancy’s son, sings), Tanskin (a gypsy, sings)

ACTOR 7: Elizabeth (sister of Frankenstein, sings)

ACTOR 8: Agatha (daughter of DeLacey, sings)

ACTOR 9: Safie (betrothed to Felix, sings)

ACTOR 10: William (elementary aged brother of Dr. Frankenstein)

*Everyone (except Dr. Frankenstein and the Demon) may play various Gypsies, Peasants, Choristers, and Dancers (Male and Female)