Directed by Andy Falter and Philip J. Hickman

August 15 – September 1, 2019
Thursdays through Sundays @ 8pm
Schiller Park Amphitheatre


“I resolved to write a book which would make a sensation and echo over the world after I left it.”

Pierre Ambroise François Choderlos de Laclos’ Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) is the pinnacle of scandalous novels. Published in 1782, the story of scheming aristocrats, coersion, and manipulation makes a stunningly relevant tragedy for our times. With its adult themes of sexual predation, and contrast of genuine love with possessive relationships, this play is a fitting finale to the 2019 season.


LA MARQUISE DE MERTEUIL (F): 30-50, wise, cunning, also a widow

CECILE VOLANGES (F): HS age-25, Volanges’s daughter, girl of 15

MAJOR-DOMO (E): 20-55, well groomed member of Merteuil’s household

LE VICOMTE DE VALMONT (M): 30-50, charming, elegant, and manipulative

MME DE VOLANGES (F):  35-55, a wealthy, pious woman who desires a good marriage for her daughter Cecile.

AZOLAN (M): HS age-35, Valmont’s Valet de Chambre, a dapper young man

MME DE ROSEMONDE (F): 50-83, Valmont’s aunt, 84 years old, intelligent, practical, lively

LA PRESIDENTE DE TOURVEL (F): 20-45, a young friend of Rosemonde, moral and upstanding

EMILIE (F): HS age-35, a courtesan

LE CHEVALIER DANCENY (M): HS age-30, Knight of Malta, handsome and naïve young man courting Cecile