Adapted by Marian De Forest
Directed by Beth Josephsen

June 20 – July 14, 2019
Thursdays through Sundays @ 8pm
Schiller Park Amphitheatre


“Be worthy of love, and love will come.”

Louisa May Alcott wrote the first great American novel – a story of longing, love, and patience that has stood the test of time. With genuine family affection, tragedy, and finally, hope, Little Women is a classic, buoyant romance that gives the sentiment, wisdom, and humor that makes us able to “Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds.”


MEG (F): 18+, eldest March daughter

JO (F): 18+, second eldest March daughter

BETH (F): 18+, third eldest March daughter

AMY (F): 18+, youngest March daughter

MRS. MARCH “MARMEE” (F): 40+, mother to the March sisters

MR. MARCH (M): 40+, father to the March sisters, married to Marmee

AUNT MARCH (F): 60+, Mr. March’s rich, widowed aunt

HANNAH (F): 30+, servant in the March household

THEODORE “LAURIE” LAURENCE (M): 18+, neighbor to the March family

MR. JOHN BROOKE (M): 20+, Laurie’s tutor

MR. LAURENCE (M): 60+, Laurie’s grandfather and neighbor to the March family

PROFESSOR FRIEDRICH BHAER (M): 30+, German immigrant who befriends Jo