Directed by Amanda Phillips

May 23 – June 16, 2019
Thursdays through Sundays @ 8pm
Schiller Park Amphitheatre


“Knowledge will brighten the sunshine; right is more beautiful than private affection; and love is compatible with universal wisdom.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson knew what William Shakespeare was capable of in his Romeo and Juliet – a love story that is honest, compassionate, funny, and tragic. These “star-crossed” lovers and all of their entourage are the depth and breadth of human relationships, and the most famous whirlwind romance of all time.


ROMEO (M): Actor who can play 16-18 years of age. Son and sole heir of Montague. Romeo is a poet at heart. Passionate, witty, quick to reveal his thoughts and feelings. Impulsive.

JULIET (F): Actor who can play early teens. Daughter and sole heir of the house of Capulet. Playful and courageous. Very intelligent and perceptive.

CAPULET (M): Actor who can play 50-80. Wealthy and well reputed head of the Capulet family. Boisterous. Takes up space. Willingness to flaunt and spend his wealth. Loves his family but is quick tempered and expects to be obeyed.

LADY CAPULET (F): Actor who can play mid to late 20’s. Wife to Capulet, mother to Juliet. Married and mothered at a very young age. Outspoken and opinionated.

MONTAGUE/APOTHECARY (M): Actor who can play 50-80. Patriarch of House of Montague. Greatly respected in Verona. Old Money. More measured and conservative.

LADY MONTAGUE/BALTHASAR/CITIZEN OF VERONA (F): Actor who can play 50-80. Lady of breeding but has a bit of feistiness. Devoted to her family. Very much in tune with her son and aware of state of being.

NURSE (F): Actor who can play 35-50. Brimming over with spirit. Lives life to the fullest. Quick to laugh. Quick to cry. Lusty. Maternal. Wonderful sense of humor. Desperately loves Juliet and has been her primary caregiver through life.

BENVOLIO/PARIS’S PAGE (M or F): Actor who can play 18-25. Romeo’s cousin and dear friend. Of all of Romeo’s friends, he is the most likely to try to keep the peace.

MERCUTIO/FIRST WATCHMAN (M or F): Actor who can play 18-29. Close friend to Romeo and Benvolio and cousin to Prince Escalus. Born into wealth and privilege. Bends all the rules. Has little regards for consequences. Extremely quick witted, easily provoked, womanizer, sharp sense of humor.

PRINCE ESCALUS/CITIZEN of VERONA (M): Actor who can play 30-45. Cousin to Mercutio. Presides over Verona. Strives to be a fair and diplomatic leader but has been pushed to the brink by the Montague and Capulet feud.

PARIS/ABRAHAM/CITIZEN OF VERONA (M): Actor who can play 20-25. Kinsman of Prince Escalus. Well educated and wealthy. Attractive. Persistent.

FRIAR LAURENCE/SAMPSON/CITIZEN OF VERONA (M or F): Actor who can play 40-60. Franciscan monk. A healer with knowledge of medicinal qualities in plants, rocks, and flowers. Direct and honest. A mentor by nature, the young people of Verona trust him and turn to him for advice.

PETER/GREGORY/CITIZEN OF VERONA (M or F): Actor who can play 20-60. Servant to the Capulets. Peter is simple minded, but loyal. Tries to do his best, but always seems to fail.

TYBALT/FRIAR JOHN (M or F): Actor who can play 18-29. Juliet’s favorite cousin. A man of breeding, Tybalt takes the feud between the Montagues and Capulets very seriously. He’s wildly insecure and this manifests in trying to be up to date on the latest trends of courtly behavior, fashion, and fighting.