Directed by Mark Mann

August 13 – September 6, 2020
Thursdays through Sundays @8pm
Schiller Park Amphitheatre


Largely considered the greatest of the Restoration Comedies, The Way of the World sets off a pair of lovers against a gaggle of scheming and imaginatively-named characters, including the duplicitous and lusty Lady Wishfort, and the villainous, morality-free Fainall. It takes a grand dose of plotting and outright blackmail to give Mirabell and Millafort a happy ending – or at least the ending they desire. This scathing, hilarious satire, which closes out our 2020 season, uncovers the over-the-top—and under the table—schemes of the idle upper-class.


the names generally describe the character type: i.e., Lady Wishfort = wish for it, man-seeking; Fainall = feign all, a liar

FAINALL (M, 25-45): in love with Mrs. Marwood, villain character

MIRABELL (M, 25-40): in love with Mrs. Millamant

WITWOUD (M, 25-55): follower of Mrs. Millamant

PETULANT (M, 25-55): follower of Mrs. Millamant

SIR WILLFUL WITWOUD (M, 25-45): half brother to Witwoud, and nephew to Lady Wishfort

WAITWELL (M, 20-40): servant to Mirabell

LADY WISHFORT (F, 45-60): vain, rich, man-seeking, comic character

MRS. MILLAMANT (F, 25-45): a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort, loves Mirabell

MRS. MARWOOD (F, 25-45): mistress to Mr. Fainall, but likes Mirabell better

MRS. FAINALL (F, 25-45): daughter to Lady Wishfort, wife to Fainall, former mistress to Mirabell

FOIBLE (F, 25-40): woman to Lady Wishfort

MINCING (F, 25-40): woman to Mrs. Millamant

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