FASHION by Anna Cora Mowatt

August 21, 2017
Doors @ 7pm
$15 in advance, or
Pay What You Will @ the Door

Tatoheads Public House
1297 Parsons Ave.

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The Shakespeare Underground is a new project designed to explore classic plays written by a variety of authors. For our first season, we will be focusing our efforts on presenting the works of female playwrights. What’s more “underground” than that? Please join us to hear something that you’ve probably never heard before.



FASHION, OR LIFE IN NEW YORK by Anna Cora Mowatt (1845): A social satire on a young country and the follies that can befall a nation trying to find its identity. Fashion features social-climbing New Yorkers trying to imitate European manners, scoundrels trying to escape their misdeeds by fleeing to America, and a scattering of honest men and women chipping away at the affected pretensions of their countrymen. Although this play was written over 170 years ago, its ideas still hold true—all that glitters is not gold, sometimes what seems like coal is truly a diamond in the rough, and what’s in fashion can’t always be trusted.

Adam Trueman- Robert “Mac” McDannold
Count Jolimaitre- Stefan Langer
Colonel Howard- John Vincent Quigley
Mr. Tiffany- Victor Little
T. Tennyson Twinkle- Stefan Farrenkopf
Augustus Fogg- Jeb Bigelow
Snobson- Justin Nawman
Zeke- David Harewood
Mrs. Tiffany- Alycia Yates
Prudence- Emily Turner
Millinette- Natalia White
Gertrude- Chloe Beck
Seraphina Tiffany- McLane Nagy

Director- Andy Falter
Stage Management- Rebecca Sharrer
House Management- Keely Heyl

September 18, 2017: OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD

OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Director- Philip J. Hickman

October 16, 2017: VOTES FOR WOMEN

VOTES FOR WOMEN by Elizabeth Robins

Director- Beth Josephsen

November 20, 2017: THE WITCH OF EDMONTON

THE WITCH OF EDMONTON by William Rowley, Thomas Dekker and John Ford; Adapted by Rosemary Hay and Rudy Caporaso

Produced with Tipping Point Theatre Company

Director- Sonda Staley



A BOLD STROKE FOR A WIFE by Susanna Centlivre (1717): In this comedy, Centlivre evaluates the social obstacles that come with money, power, and love. Four guardians, each possessing contradictory opinions and attitudes, hold Anne Lovely under their protection and refuse her to wed until they each approve of the same man. A spirited military officer is determined to outwit them all. Lovely joins his pursuit, and together they form a plan to manipulate the men. Centlivre writes with satirical, bold strokes. She critiques political and social systems in eighteenth-century England and reimagines the role of marriage in A Bold Stroke for a Wife.

Freeman/Simon Pure- Shane Egan
Mrs. Prim- Beth Josephsen
Periwinkle- Stewart Bender
Tradelove- Colton Weiss
Col. Fainwell- Justin King
Anne Lovely- Aileen Targett
Obediah Prim- Trenton Weaver
Betty- Karlie Kaizer
Sir Phillip Modelove- Shaun Brown
Sackbut- Jason Speicher

Director- Allison Brogan
Stage Management- Alexa Raasch
House Management- Grace Rinehart

June19, 2017: A MAN'S WORLD

A MAN’S WORLD by Rachel Crothers (1910): A great lead-in to this series, A Man’s World is the story of Frank Ware, a female author in Greenwich Village in 1910, who publishes under a man’s name in order to get ahead.

Frank Ware- Susan Wismar
Lione Brune- Aileen Targett
Clara Oakes- Allison Brogan
Kiddie- Gretchen Reed
Malcolm Gaskell- Ross Shirley
Fritz Bahn- Philip J. Hickman
Wells Trevor- David Harewood
Emile Grimeaux- Ben Sostrom

Director- Adam Simon
Stage Management- Alexa Raasch
House Management- Ayla Stirnaman and Grace Rinehart